Drum Heater

Drum Heaters give a simple, effective, clean and temperate method of heating for different sort of industrial application.

Drum Heater

Heating requires for the treatment of thick or low liquefying point set materials in Drums. Such materials incorporate Asphalt, Bitumen, Fats, Gelatin, Glucose, Grease, Lubricating Oils, Paints, Petroleum Jelly, Phenols, Plastics, Sodium Tar, Vegetable Oils, Varnishes, Waxes and so forth.

Accessories and Features:

  • Door switch
  • Programmable industrial timer
  • 4” vent with damper
  • Drain with plug
  • Custom exterior finish for corrosive areas
  • shelves temperature controls
  • air circulation blower
  • zero ground clearance
  • outdoor service package

Drum Heaters are electrically heated and accessible for one, two, or four 200 liters drums or distinctive size buckets. The 4-drum hot box may likewise be utilized to heat an Intermediate Bulk Container.

Standard highlights incorporate spill control, and a 14 gauge welded carbon steel outside, 3″ of #6 thickness rock wool insulation protection all through.